If you have always wanted to write but never thought you could, these short courses will be perfect for you. A writing workshop with follow on email coaching support, the course is designed to build your confidence within a supportive environment, providing you with tools and motivation, not only to start but to develop your writing. We offer courses in general fiction, fantasy and non-fiction. Writers of all levels are welcome.

Have people said to you in the past, “That’s an amazing story, you should write a book”. Maybe you’ve always intended to, but just can’t seem to get started?  Our workshops and coaching sessions will encourage you to take a first step on your creative journey.

Designed primarily for new writers, you will explore how to turn vague ideas and disconnected concepts into a coherent story. We will discuss research, techniques, ways to find material and how to engage your readers.

The various routes to publishing  are explained as well as how to write a submission letter to an agent and how to prepare and submit your manuscript.

HISTORIC OR ROMANTIC FICTION  Designed for budding writers of romantic and period fiction, this course gives you the tools to understand the opportunities these ever-popular genres can offer. We will cover techniques such as character creation and development, sense of place, period and time in addition to understanding your own unique writing style. One of the professional writers contributing to the course is Laura Madeleine, the author of four novels, including “The Confectioners Tale” which has been published in over 10 different foreign languages. Other books under this author’s name include “Where the Wild Cherries Grow” and “The Secrets Between Us”. Laura is currently completing a fourth book for Penguin Random House.

SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY Designed for budding writers of SFF. Our short course will help you to consider various aspects of these styles, such as world building, how your created society works, its religion, culture, magical and technological systems. Our professional writers will offer helpful tips to encourage you to keep going after that first wave of enthusiasm and imagination starts to wane. Lucy Hounsom is the author of The Worldmaker Trilogy published by Pan McMillan, the first book in the series was short-listed for the David Gemmell Morning Star Award.  She currently co-runs a blog and podcast called “Breaking the Glass Slipper” w­hich focuses on women in genre fiction. She is currently working on a new West Country-set novel, based in the post-Roman era.


This course aims to introduce you to the skills needed to engage the reader in a short space of time. You’ll be encouraged to think in a creative way and to experiment with language, in prose and poetry. You will gain a greater understanding of how language works and of the devices and techniques used by writers.


What will I achieve from the workhops?
Understand techniques such as character development, point of view, first person/third person narrative
Apply various writing techniques in your own writing

What is the structure of the workshops? In the class there will be sections of writing against the clock, break-out group discussion, tutor-led discussion and workshop readings (of students writing). On two-day workshops, a task will be set as homework.  These workshops are based on working in a spirit of positive mutual cooperation with equal time and attention given to all participants.

What do I need to bring? Paper (e.g. A4 writing pad) and pen/pencil. A folder for handouts will be useful. Your preferred writing method such as laptop or tablet. On two-day courses, we have negotiated rates with local hotels and B&Bs in the Sid Valley. Please contact us for further details.

Venue: Kennaway House, Sidmouth

Price: Contact us to enquire and book

Dates: 2018 TBC